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India’s one of the leading Forensic Expert Organization.


We believe business – and life – is all about relationships. People do business with people (yes it’s a cliche, but it’s also true) aIf you hire JKC, your business relationship is with us. We also bring extensive network of exceptionally talented experts to create a team of tailored professionals delivering the services you need.

The consultancy service is started by Shri Jagjit Kumar Kaushik, who is a retired assistant commissioner of police cum director fingerprints bureau crime, branch Delhi police. He has an experience of more than 40 years in various fields of investigation and security. Ours is a unique consultancy service started by Shri Jagjit Kumar Kaushik who has experience of various fields like investigation, finger and footprints examination and procuring of handwriting expert opinion and assuring a peaceful, safe and secured life by verifying the domestic help you are engaging in your family. We also undertake the verification of the vendors operating in your area to give you fool proof security. Private detective work is also undertaken which is handled by a team of matured seasoned retired officers. We also provide surveillance service to check patent products, matrimonial verifications is also undertaken to ensure peaceful and happy married life.

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