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What is Finger Print?

Finger prints of a person are personal Identity Cards issued by the Almighty to the persons having unique individuality of a person which differs from person to person. Finger pattern means arrangement of ridges to give a particular shape or appearance.

Where do I get my finger prints recorded and attested for the purpose of obtaining a Visa?

We are one of the leading certified finger prints consultants in India which provide total solutions for your finger printing problems. We provide services of recording finger prints for the purpose of obtaining the visa from countries like U.S.A, Canada, Iran, Singapore, Spain, Middle East Countries and Australia etc etc.

What are the other spheres of work of M/S J. K. Consultancy?

We provide expert opinion on the documents like Wills, Power of Attorney etc etc having finger prints and handwriting on them to ascertain the authenticity of the documents for providing the same in Civil Court. We conduct inspection of scene of incident in different organizations on request. We also provide security consultancy regarding individual security, residential and Industrial security etc. Have taken a lot of detective work and solved cases for different organization.

Is your opinion acceptable in the court?

Yes, the opinion that is provided by M/S J. K. Consultancy is completely valid in the Court of Law. We have been providing opinion in different civil and criminal cases within and outside India.

How much does M/S J. K. Consultancy charges for its services?

We provide most competitive rates for the assignment that we undertake. The type of assignments that are taken by M/S J.K. Consultancy requires lot of technical skills. The price may vary from assignment to assignment. Best codes could be gathered once we have seen the volume of work. We also provide free consultancy for economic backward section living below poverty line.

How do I contact J. K. Consultancy?

You can contact Mr. J. K. Kaushik (Director) through telephone or via E-Mail.

How do I make payment?

The payment can be made in favour of “M/S J. K. Consultancy” through cash, cheque and demand draft or you can directly deposit the amount in our Bank account.

Does M/S J. K. Consultancy have any branches?

We have branches or expert services available in all over India, our head office is at Vardhaman Star Citi Mall, 321, LSC III, Sector – 7, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075 India.

Do you take assignments anywhere in India or World?

We have a large network that allows us to take assignments anywhere in India or World.

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