Fingerprint services for Immigration Visa in Greater Noida

Fingerprint Services for Immigration Visa in Greater Noida

We provide fingerprint services for immigration and visa in Greater Noida for getting Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Background Check / Police Check Certificate / Police Check / Police Clearance / Good Conduct Certificate / Certificate of Clearance for different countries in Greater Noida.

We do fingerprint services in Greater Noida for:

We provide smudge proof and error proof fingerprinting that are acceptable by different law enforcement agencies worldwide in Greater Noida. Some of the popular fingerprint cards that we use are FD 258 Card, C216C form etc…

We have profession state of art tools for taking your fingerprints on the right form and we use genuine and original cards* for doing your fingerprinting for immigration and visa purposes for getting Police Clearance Certificate. We are one of the best fingerprint agencies who take legitimate fingerprints and our fingerprints are acceptable worldwide.

Steps for fingerprint services in Greater Noida are:

  1. Call us on our phone number at +91 9868106032 or +91 9810411824 or send an email to book an appointment,
  2. Once, appointment is booked please come to our office with two govt. photo ID proofs i.e. Passport, Aadhaar, Driving License etc…
  3. We will do your fingerprints on the prescribed format and also help you in completing your paper work,
  4. Once, fingerprinting services is completed, we will handover the complete fingerprint forms to the person for applying to the concerned authorities for issue of Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Background Check / Certificate of Clearance / Police Check Certificate / Good Conduct Certificate.
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We are capable of providing fingerprint services at Greater Noida:-

Accher, Alpha I, Alpha Ii, Beta I, Beta Ii, Block A, Chi Ii, Chi Iii, Chi Iv, Delta I, Delta Ii, Delta Iii, Ecotech Iii, Eno I, Eno Ii, Eta I, Eta Ii, Gamma I, Gamma Ii, Greater Noida, Gulistanpur Village, Irwo Palm Court (rail Vihar), Jaypee Greens, Kasna, Knowledge Park I, Knowledge Park Ii, Knowledge Park Iii, Knowledge Park Iv, Knowledge Park V, Laegerstromia, Lakhnawali, Makora, Malakpur Village, Mu, Mu I, Mu Ii, O Block, O Pocket, Omega Ii, Omega Iv, Omicron 1a, Omicron I, Omicron Ii, Omicron Iii, Phi Ii, Phi Iii, Phi Iv, Pi I & Ii, Pi I & Ii, Rampur, Sadullapur, Saini, Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4, Sector Sigma 1, Sector Sigma 4, Sector Xu – I, Shahberi, Sheorajpur, Sigma Ii, Sigma Iii, Surajpur, Sutyana, Theta Ii, Upsidc Site A, Upsidc Site B, Upsidc Site C, Vaidpura, Tilpatta, dadha Xu Ii, Xu Iii, Zeta I, Zeta Ii, etc…

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